Content for the Chilean Delegation in the Ship for World Youth Leaders

I was chosen to be part of the Chilean Delegation in The Ship for World Leaders a program of the Japanese Government for young leaders around the World to encourage intercultural collaboration.

I was the Assistant National Leader of the Delegation and as a journalist and photographer I created the media content of the delegation and registered the journey. I also lead the process of presenting Chile through a National Presentation creating a narrative, audiovisual material, lighting, sound and stage direction.

Here is part of the work I did.

Creation and administration of the Facebook page of the delegation:

Official photos for each member of the Delegation used in presentations and business cards.


Photographic record of the preparation for the experience and of the journey, published in this Facebook Album. (The images in this post are in Facebook quality).

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I made this short documentary that presents the whole experience of the Delegation, presented at the Embassy of Japan in Chile.

English subtitles available as CC.